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Testimonial: Member With Internal Bleeding Airlifted from Guadalajara, MEX to Los Angeles, CA

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Pepe & Concha Gurski Ajijic, Mexico We live in Ajijic, Mexico and on December 27, 2017, my husband, Pepe, had internal bleeding from a stomach ulcer and was hemorrhaging. We went to the hospital in Guadalajara and this became an extreme emergency because they did not have his blood type and he needed surgery. We […]

Testimonial: Warren Carson, Shelton, WA

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After recuperating from a critical medical emergency requiring an air evac, from Palm Springs, California to his home in Shelton, Washington, SkyMed member Warren Carson wrote this note, comparing SkyMed to other air evac programs “We have had other memberships, but none came even close to offering the service and care of SkyMed. The critical difference […]

Testimonial: Wally Byam Member’s Wife Becomes Violently Ill, Husband calls SkyMed

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Lou & Betty Sales Lou & Betty Sales were attending the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) rally in Lansing, Michigan. Betty became violently ill, and Lou rushed her to a nearby hospital emergency room. Writes Lou, “The shock of this occurrence left me bewildered and alone in an unfamiliar environment, with the Independence Day […]

Testimonial: James C. and June Bright, Hanford, CA

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We were air evacuated from Dawson City, Yukon Territory, to Whitehorse, Y.T., then to Fresno, California. This also included 4 transports on ground ambulances and transportation of our RV from Whitehorse, to our front door, all provided by SkyMed. In the E.R. where admittance is done, the nurse provided by SkyMed demanded, and got a […]

Testimonial: Member in Mexico Suffers Multiple Fractures to Femur

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SkyMed received a call from St. James Hospital in San Felipe, MX. Virginia Lawton had suffered multiple fractures of her femur, and needed to be evacuated immediately due to the possibility of internal bleeding. SkyMed immediately arranged and paid for emergency air-transport to San Diego, where Virginia underwent surgery that evening. Once she was stable enough […]

Testimonial: Member Loses Circulation in Legs, Airlifted Home for Immediate Surgery

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While vacationing in San Felipe, Ronald’s wife called our members services hotline after Ronald had been diagnosed with circulation problems in his legs. He needed transport to Bakersfield, California for immediate surgery. The call to SkyMed came at nearly midnight but by six in the evening on that same day, Ronald and his wife had […]