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Five Ways to Become Your Own Health Advocate Today

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Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash MedPageToday reports that the healthcare system is on its brink, with more demand than could ever be addressed. Finding the kind of care you need can be challenging in such a situation – both from others and yourself. That’s why you must become your own advocate and speak up […]

Two Reasons Why You Need Emergency Medical Travel Services

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Whether you travel by road or by air, two states over, across the country or to the next continent, there really are only two compelling reasons why you would need emergency medical travel services — and they’re incredibly simple: One: A membership could—literally—save your life.  And you really don’t have to take our word for […]

Travel Insurance: What It Does—And Doesn’t—Cover

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  After declining drastically in 2020 during the worst of the pandemic, as of July 2021, the number of air passengers leapt to 56.6 million passengers, up 607% from May 2020. Many of those travelers add travel insurance to their trips as a matter of course; many more do not. But what exactly does that travel […]

17 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Medevac Memberships  

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Let’s face it: getting critically ill or injured while away from home is probably not at the top of your list of worries. But knowing that unexpected emergencies requiring medical evacuation can quickly rack up thousands of your hard-earned dollars, the risk evaluation tends to fall in favor of a relatively inexpensive medevac membership. Why […]

Can You Afford A Travel Medical Emergency?

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Do you have any idea how much an ambulance ride costs? How about an air ambulance? If you said a few thousand dollars, well, then you’re more than a few thousand dollars short. One man in New York got hit with an astounding $653,000 bill when he had a heart attack aboard a cruise ship […]

How a SkyMed Emergency Medical Evacuation Works

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According to the dictionary, a “medical evacuation”—also known as “medevac”—is defined as the “transport of persons, usually by some form of air transportation, to a place, usually the closest health facility, where they can receive medical care.” At SkyMed, we define “medical evacuation” as taking you home*—or to your hometown hospital—should a critical illness or […]