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The Best Advice for Couples Craving an Adventure

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Traveling in tandem is great—and, done right, planning can be half the fun. We suggest starting with plenty of time and perhaps a libation or two: guest blogger Keith Jacobs from carupkeep.info has a few more ideas to make it a stellar getaway. Bonus tip: take your SkyMed TAKESYOUHOME card along with you to ensure […]

Worry-Free Cruising: Top Tips for On-Board Safety

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  You’ve booked your trip and you’re raring to go: the first thing on your mind is a spa treatment and a drink on the deck—the last thing might be staying safe aboard your floating first-class hotel. While it’s true that the cruise industry has instituted several new procedures and safety directives, as a passenger, […]

Protecting Your Identity When You Travel

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Planning a trip is half the fun: the clothes, the tours, the identity protection… What? Yep, protecting your identity when you travel starts even before you leave for the airport. As you start making plans, you might want to keep in mind these tips to safeguard your life’s details. Empty out your wallet. Do you […]

What To Remember When Planning a Trip Abroad

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Whether you’re planning to travel in a different country for a week, month or year, the preparation process is essential to gain the full experience that traveling abroad has to offer. Exploring an unfamiliar location can come with many cultural changes, including a language barrier, alterations in your diet, the way you dress, as well […]

RV Packing Tips: What To Leave Behind

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When you ask for RV packing tips, any road warrior can tell you what you take is just as important as what you leave behind. No matter how big your RV is space will always be at a premium, plus you don’t want to mess up your gas mileage lugging around too much extra poundage. Besides […]

Checklist: How To Choose Travel Insurance (And A Medevac Membership While You’re At It)

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When you’re getting ready to head out on vacation, travel insurance—and medevac memberships—is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re probably in for a few surprises during your travel, but the last thing you need is the kind of unexpected event that comes with a doctor attached. As far as travel insurance and medevac […]