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Testimony: SkyMed Transports Member Back to the States for Surgery

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  “It was just a normal day in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and I was putting water in my dog’s dish. My hip collapsed just like that and was broken. I woke up to find myself on my back and lying in my kitchen. My friend who was living with me found me in […]

Testimony: SkyMed Transports Member Back to Canada

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  “I was at my park model in Southern Aire RV Resort in the NE corner of Tampa, Florida when I had a fall. I knew I had broken something. I had been living with Osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease). Within minutes, my neighbors had me in their car and on the way to the […]

Testimony: SkyMed Transports Member from Mexico and Back Home Again, Two Times!

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“I had surgery for malignant melanoma in 1999 that was successful. Since that time, I have been checked every three months. While I was down in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the local dermatologist thought she saw something. After getting tested, the biopsy came back malignant. Not wanting to have surgery in Mexico but requiring […]

Testimony: SkyMed Transports Member’s Motorcycle Back to Vermont

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“I am an 82-year-old motorcyclist. I was riding my motorcycle up through the Appalachians along the Virginia / West Virginia border when I felt pain in my lower left back. I had just ridden through 17 miles of National Forests without seeing another car – I loved it.  After several hours of traveling, I decided […]

SkyMed Lunch and Learns – Click Here!

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Hello Future SkyMed Members and SkyMed Members! Thank you for your interest in our SkyMed Lunch and Learns, we are glad you are here! Details for registration for lunch and learns are available on events.skymed.com Locations will also be updated on Facebook, come follow us to learn more @skymedgroup on Facebook. Cheers and Safe Travels, […]

Testimony: SkyMed International Transports Mexico Member to USA Hospital

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SkyMed International Transports Mexico Member to USA Hospital “I live in Mexico,” says Ellen Siegel, “and I was talking to a friend about her recent health scare, for which she required surgery in the United States. She explained how the air transportation was going to be handled by SkyMed. Since her surgery was not an […]