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Rules For Visiting Greece’s Acropolis Are Changing. Here’s What To Know

If you’re heading to one of Greece’s biggest tourist attractions later this year, make sure you are aware of the new visiting rules. The Acropolis is consistently inundated with tourists, with as many as 23,000 visitors clogging up the complex on some days! Greece’s culture minister Lina Mendoni has said the new measures are necessary to prevent visitor traffic jams and overcrowding at the archaeological site.

What are the new rules for visiting the Acropolis?

  • From September, a cap on visitor numbers will be introduced at the Acropolis in Athens.
  • There will also be a limit on how many people will be let in every hour.
  • The entry restrictions will come into effect on September 4 for a trial period and be implemented permanently from April 1, 2024.
  • The morning is the busiest time for visitors to arrive at the Acropolis. Half of the attraction’s foot traffic comes between 8 am and midday.
  • The hours right before closing are also a popular time to visit as there are fewer crowds.
  • The new entry system will see a limit on how many people can access the site each hour. From 8 to 9 am, 3,000 people will be let into the complex.
  • The following hour, 2,000 people will be granted access and numbers for the remainder of the day will vary.

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