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How To Plan A Road Trip

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  Forget the Chevy Chase version of a holiday road trip (no, really) and never mind those buddies piling in a car with three bags of chips and no map. Truth is, it takes a little time to plan a road trip worth taking, whether it’s for a few days’ jaunt across the state or […]

How To Replace a Lost Passport

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  Realizing you’ve lost your passport can be somewhat unnerving, especially if you consider where it could end up—not to mention the very real threat of ID theft. An important first step to follow is to report the lost passport immediately so the U.S. Department of State (which last year alone had about 325,000 of […]

Travel Guide: Essential Travel Clothes for Vacation

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The overwhelmed feeling you might have as you prepare to travel for vacation is not an uncommon one. From checking that every bag and passport is in order the night before, to making airport snacks and confirming rides, there is a lot that goes into the entire traveling process. One of the best ways to […]

10 Sanity-Saving Travel Essentials To Have In Your Carry-On

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  Whether you’re leaving for business or for pleasure, these sanity-saving travel essentials to tuck in your carry-on will make your voyage smoother and—should you need it—help weather any missed bag/flight/connection mishap with a little more ease. Hard Copies Of Important Personal Documents The first rule of international travel: never lose your passport. The second […]

Worry-Free Cruising: Top Tips for On-Board Safety

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  You’ve booked your trip and you’re raring to go: the first thing on your mind is a spa treatment and a drink on the deck—the last thing might be staying safe aboard your floating first-class hotel. While it’s true that the cruise industry has instituted several new procedures and safety directives, as a passenger, […]

Protecting Your Identity When You Travel

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Planning a trip is half the fun: the clothes, the tours, the identity protection… What? Yep, protecting your identity when you travel starts even before you leave for the airport. As you start making plans, you might want to keep in mind these tips to safeguard your life’s details. Empty out your wallet. Do you […]