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Lou & Betty Sales

Lou & Betty Sales were attending the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) rally in Lansing, Michigan. Betty became violently ill, and Lou rushed her to a nearby hospital emergency room. Writes Lou, “The shock of this occurrence left me bewildered and alone in an unfamiliar environment, with the Independence Day holiday fast approaching. I suddenly remembered we were SkyMed members, and placed a call for assistance. The staff person was calm and to the point, asking that I keep her posted concerning Betty’s health. Once I was advised that Betty was ready to be released, I again contacted SkyMed, and within an hour’s time, arrangements were made to fly Betty and me home, and to have a professional driver return our motor home back to Hemet, California. Our sincere gratitude and thanks to your caring staff that came to our aid in a dark hour. THANK YOU! “

Without SkyMed: $4,500

With SkyMed: No Cost!


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