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Testimonial: Unexpected Slip & Fall While Glacier Hiking in Reykjavik

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Paul D’Espinosa Boston, Massachusetts My wife, Deb, and I had flown to Reykjavik Iceland, the capital of Iceland, to see the Northern Lights and explore the city. During our visit we decided to go glacier hiking and had on all the required hiking gear. It snowed the night before and we were hiking on solid […]

Testimonial: Walt and Shirley Greenes, Los Angeles, CA

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Shirley and Walt Greenes were in Ashland, OR, when Shirley became ill and was rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital. Shirley wrote, “The doctor at the hospital felt that due to previous surgery, he would not be able to perform the surgery now needed. It became imperative that I get back to […]

Testimonial: Ralph & Genet Dixon, Rantoul, Illinois

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Ralph and Genet Dixon were in Springfield, Missouri, when Ralph became ill. Writes Genet, “Ralph had lost quite a bit of blood, his blood pressure was dropping, and he was becoming quite weak. We went to the emergency room at the local hospital, and Ralph was admitted immediately.” The Dixon’s decided they would prefer to […]

Testimonial: Wally Byam Member’s Wife Becomes Violently Ill, Husband calls SkyMed

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Lou & Betty Sales Lou & Betty Sales were attending the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) rally in Lansing, Michigan. Betty became violently ill, and Lou rushed her to a nearby hospital emergency room. Writes Lou, “The shock of this occurrence left me bewildered and alone in an unfamiliar environment, with the Independence Day […]