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Testimonial: Richard Branson, San Diego, CA

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Richard has been a SkyMed member since 2002. One evening, we received a call from Red Cross Ambulance in San Felipe, stating Richard had suffered a fractured femur and fractured kneecap from an auto accident. The Red Cross had originally contacted Blue Cross, Richard’s health insurer for approval of ambulance transport to Calexico, and a […]

Testimonial: Wife has Chest Pains While RVing in Mexico

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We were RVing in Mexico when Earline began experiencing chest pains. Examination at a local hospital indicated heart disease. The doctor urged us to get her back to the US as soon as possible. We contacted SkyMed, and they immediately took over, arranging Lear jet ambulance service from Los Mochis, Mexico to Sacramento, California. En […]

Testimonial: Carol Ann Breslow, Los Angeles, CA

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Carol Ann was hospitalized in critical condition in Guadalajara. Her son contacted SkyMed to see what services SkyMed offered. He was anxious to have his mother return home as quickly as possible. As soon as the doctor pronounced Carol Ann stable enough to be transported, plans were immediately put into place to transport her to […]

Testimonial: Member Swallows Deadly Hydrogen Peroxide, Evacuated from Mexico to CA

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Bob & Ruth Raasveld – San Diego, CA My wife and I were playing cards at a friends in San Carlos in Sonora, Mexico, when my friend asked me about an air vacation card he had mentioned earlier. I reached into my wallet and pulled the SkyMed TAKES YOU HOME card out that I always […]

Testimonial: Member Falls in Mexico, Air Evacuated Home California

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While at our condominium in Mexico in April, my husband fell and fractured his left femur. Because he presented a very complicated and precarious medical case it was essential that he be air evacuated home where his primary care physician and his specialists could coordinate his care. It required 48 hours to stabilize him before […]