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Richard has been a SkyMed member since 2002. One evening, we received a call from Red Cross Ambulance in San Felipe, stating Richard had suffered a fractured femur and fractured kneecap from an auto accident.

The Red Cross had originally contacted Blue Cross, Richard’s health insurer for approval of ambulance transport to Calexico, and a flight from Calexico to San Diego. Even though Richard wanted to go home to Redwood City, to his own doctors, Blue Cross would only authorize a flight to San Diego.

Based on the urgency of diagnosis, SkyMed made arrangements for Richard to be flown to San Diego first, where immediate surgery was performed. Following his surgery, he then was transported from San Diego to Redwood City. Mrs. Branson was very pleased and said she just wished her husband had called SkyMed when he was first brought in by the local Red Cross service.

Without SkyMed: $7,500.00

With SkyMed: $0


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