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jensen_lgEvery October, Ron and Betty Jensen, go to spend a few weeks in sunny Cancun. They looked forward to it all year. One day during their annual visit Betty started having chest pains and blurry vision. They went to see a doctor nearby. He ordered blood tests which showed low hematocrit levels (the percentage of red blood cells in a volume of whole blood). Betty was rushed to the Amerimed Hospital in Cancun, where she spent the next 8 days. She was given blood to increase her hematocrit level.

Ron called SkyMed for help in getting Betty back to Arizona. The airlines require a 48-hour notice to fly someone on oxygen. Soon SkyMed had arranged for a Medical Escort from Cancun to Phoenix to fly with Betty in First Class, in order to monitor Betty during the non stop flight. Transportation to and from the airport was also arranged.

Ron said that they had first heard about SkyMed from Tom Bickers while they were traveling in their Winnebago RV.

As it turns out, it was a wise decision. They would have had the incredible stress of organizing the flight in a foreign country and it would have cost them well over $8000.

With SkyMed they paid their SkyMed membership fee and nothing else and had the ultimate peace of mind.

“We very much appreciate the excellent service that we received from SkyMed. Everything was well coordinated and all Betty’s needs were met.”

Without SkyMed: $8,000 +

With SkyMed: $0


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