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Testimonial: Member Flown Home to Avoid Further Health Complications

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Del & Luann Larson Moorehead, Minnesota In March of 2014 my wife and I were on our way back to Minnesota from our winter vacation in Tucson and stopped in Mesa due to an electrical problem. The next evening my wife Luann wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early, only to be awakened around […]

Testimonial: Husband has Chest Pains While Visiting Friends in Denver

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The McCann’s were visiting friends in Denver, when Tom McCann began complaining of chest pains. A call was made to 911, and Mr. McCann was rushed to the hospital and taken into surgery. When Mr. McCann was ready for discharge, his doctor told him he absolutely was not to drive. Mary McCann wrote, “After the […]

Testimonial: Member Flown Home After Spending Eight Days in Cancun Hospital

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Every October, Ron and Betty Jensen, go to spend a few weeks in sunny Cancun. They looked forward to it all year. One day during their annual visit Betty started having chest pains and blurry vision. They went to see a doctor nearby. He ordered blood tests which showed low hematocrit levels (the percentage of […]

Testimonial: Wife has Chest Pains While RVing in Mexico

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We were RVing in Mexico when Earline began experiencing chest pains. Examination at a local hospital indicated heart disease. The doctor urged us to get her back to the US as soon as possible. We contacted SkyMed, and they immediately took over, arranging Lear jet ambulance service from Los Mochis, Mexico to Sacramento, California. En […]