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survivor-story-mr-mrs-r-l-mckinzieWe were RVing in Mexico when Earline began experiencing chest pains. Examination at a local hospital indicated heart disease. The doctor urged us to get her back to the US as soon as possible. We contacted SkyMed, and they immediately took over, arranging Lear jet ambulance service from Los Mochis, Mexico to Sacramento, California.

En route, Earline was feeling much better, sitting and talking to the nurse, when monitors she was hooked up to suddenly began indicating that something was not right. The nurse began treating her immediately, however she still had a severe heart attack. They were able to revive her with the paddles.

We were over Palm Springs where Ann, the nurse, knew they had a very good cardiac unit. She told the pilot to land there, which he did with priority clearance.

She had another attack as they were landing, and this time they could not revive her with the paddles. However, because they were able to get her to the hospital so quickly, they were able to save her there.

She was recovering, when two days later she had a severe stroke. She was paralyzed. When she was stabilized, SkyMed stepped in again. Using the same Lear jet ambulance and crew, SkyMed flew her to Sacramento, where she is recovering. Prognosis now is for most if not complete recovery in about six months.

If it were not for SkyMed’s prompt and expert service and the Lear jet ambulance and its exceptional crew, there is no doubt in my mind that my wife of forty-three years would have died. The most important decision I have ever made was to purchase a SkyMed membership.


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