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Testimonial: Global ETS Member with Life-Threatening Disease Evacuated from Spain to LA

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Edward Cazayoux Lafayette, Louisiana I had traveled to Spain to meet with family members and to walk for a week on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. After the Camino, I went to the south of Spain to visit Granada and Seville. At one point I traveled by bus which broke down and when a rescue bus […]

Testimonial: SkyMed Member Needs Surgery After Falling Off Roof

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Allen & Sharon Bills San Benito, Texas While visiting our son Richie in Illinois in August of 2014 my husband was helping with roof work when he suddenly lost his footing and fell 12 feet down onto the cement driveway. When I found him he was lying in a pool of blood with a huge […]

Testimonial: Unexpected Slip & Fall While Glacier Hiking in Reykjavik

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Paul D’Espinosa Boston, Massachusetts My wife, Deb, and I had flown to Reykjavik Iceland, the capital of Iceland, to see the Northern Lights and explore the city. During our visit we decided to go glacier hiking and had on all the required hiking gear. It snowed the night before and we were hiking on solid […]

Testimonial: Slip & Fall Accident in Switzerland

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Sondra Nelson Houston, Texas I was in Switzerland visiting the Christmas markets over the holidays and on the next to the last day of my trip I slipped and fell on the ice. I broke my leg above the ankle and needed surgery. I was taken to Interlaken Hospital and called my daughter from the emergency […]

Testimonial: Member Becomes Critically Ill & Needs Immediate Surgery

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Joe and Betty Ryals – Orange Park, Florida Joe and Betty Ryals, from Orange Park, Florida, were in Buffalo, Wyoming en route to Gillette, Wyoming to attend the 2012 Holiday Rambler International Rally when Joe got sick and was in a lot of pain. They took him to the emergency room and found out he had […]

Testimonial: Member Flown Home After Spending Eight Days in Cancun Hospital

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Every October, Ron and Betty Jensen, go to spend a few weeks in sunny Cancun. They looked forward to it all year. One day during their annual visit Betty started having chest pains and blurry vision. They went to see a doctor nearby. He ordered blood tests which showed low hematocrit levels (the percentage of […]