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Carol Ann was hospitalized in critical condition in Guadalajara. Her son contacted SkyMed to see what services SkyMed offered. He was anxious to have his mother return home as quickly as possible.

As soon as the doctor pronounced Carol Ann stable enough to be transported, plans were immediately put into place to transport her to her home hospital in Los Angeles, California, where she was placed under the care of her own physician.

Carol Ann wrote us stating, “I went into the hospital in Guadalajara in critical condition, unable to make any plans on my own. My son called SkyMed and made arrangements to have me transported home as soon as I was stable. He told me how responsive and professional SkyMed was in helping to get me home. Everything was perfect, I cannot thank SkyMed enough.”

Without SkyMed: $27,000

With SkyMed: $0

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