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Testimonial: Member With Internal Bleeding Airlifted from Guadalajara, MEX to Los Angeles, CA

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Pepe & Concha Gurski Ajijic, Mexico We live in Ajijic, Mexico and on December 27, 2017, my husband, Pepe, had internal bleeding from a stomach ulcer and was hemorrhaging. We went to the hospital in Guadalajara and this became an extreme emergency because they did not have his blood type and he needed surgery. We […]

Testimonial: Walt and Shirley Greenes, Los Angeles, CA

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Shirley and Walt Greenes were in Ashland, OR, when Shirley became ill and was rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital. Shirley wrote, “The doctor at the hospital felt that due to previous surgery, he would not be able to perform the surgery now needed. It became imperative that I get back to […]

Testimonial: Carol Ann Breslow, Los Angeles, CA

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Carol Ann was hospitalized in critical condition in Guadalajara. Her son contacted SkyMed to see what services SkyMed offered. He was anxious to have his mother return home as quickly as possible. As soon as the doctor pronounced Carol Ann stable enough to be transported, plans were immediately put into place to transport her to […]