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When the SkyMed representative answered the phone and asked if this was a medical emergency, all of the necessary arrangements were set into motion and went off like clockwork.

The representatives at SkyMed stayed in constant contact with the hospital as to the status of my husband’s condition and when he would be stable enough to transfer, as well as the on-going arrangements that were being made. When the doctors at the Amerimed Hospital in San Jose del Cabo gave their okay, we were on our way home within hours.

The coordination between SkyMed, the hospital and the medical air ambulance service was seamless. I don’t think this could have been possible without their professional, quality staff. From the time I first contacted SkyMed until we were on our way to Minneapolis, Minnesota, was less than 24 hours.

The air ambulance medical team and the pilots were also top-notch professionals. When we arrived at our destination, the air ambulance medical team accompanied the ground transportation to the hospital to ensure that all medical information was passed directly on to the hospital emergency room staff.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that all of the SkyMed’s policy statements were true. The high standard of service exceeded my expectations.

A very heartfelt thank you to all of the employees at SkyMed International, Inc.

Gail and David Dingeman
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, BCS

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