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5 RV Road Trips for Summer Travel

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There’s still plenty of summertime left and there are always plenty of open highways for an RVer to enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of 5 RV road trips you can enjoy before the kids have to hit the books again—or to experience all on your own! Alaska  If you’ve never headed to the “Land of […]

Testimonial: Thankful for SkyMed

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On January 6, 2019, as my husband and I were walking to a friend’s house for dinner, I slipped and fell and hurt my right arm and shoulder. Long story, short version, I eventually went to the Unimed Clinic in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for evaluation. The X-ray showed a fracture below the head […]

RV Fall Foliage Adventures

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Summer temperatures might still be raging in some parts of the country, but others are (thankfully) preparing for that slow-but-sure dip down in temperatures in preparation for great fall weather. From late September through October, the foliage from the Pacific Northwest to New England begins to turn in an inspiring riot of color, while the […]

Testimonial: Severe Infection Requires Vascular Surgery

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Roland and Carol Field, Springfield Oregon Roland and Carol Field, from Springfield, Oregon were visiting friends in Sun Valley, Idaho when Roland was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Room due to severe infection in his left foot.  He was unable to walk and was admitted to the hospital and doctors quickly determined he needed […]

Testimonial: Walt and Shirley Greenes, Los Angeles, CA

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Shirley and Walt Greenes were in Ashland, OR, when Shirley became ill and was rushed to the emergency room of the local hospital. Shirley wrote, “The doctor at the hospital felt that due to previous surgery, he would not be able to perform the surgery now needed. It became imperative that I get back to […]

Testimonial: Members Have Accident On The Way To Alaska, Flown Home

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  We were Wagon Masters for Adventure Caravans’ 58 day trip to Alaska. Fifty miles before the end of the trip one of our caravaners had a major accident. They, Mr. and Mrs. Powers, were in the hospital at Vanderhoof, B.C., when they called SkyMed for help. To our amazement and delight, you flew them […]