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There’s still plenty of summertime left and there are always plenty of open highways for an RVer to enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of 5 RV road trips you can enjoy before the kids have to hit the books again—or to experience all on your own!


Alaska’s endless Dalton Highway.

 If you’ve never headed to the “Land of the Midnight Sun” the best time to do so is from late May through mid-August. Temperatures range from 60 to 80 degrees and you’ll be enjoying sunlight nearly round the clock. Go to Juneau in late summer and you will be right in the middle of the season for humpback whales and orcas, which can be seen making their way through the northern Inside Passage. Keep in mind it’s peak season in July, but if you wait until after August 15th things will slow down a bit, there will be fewer bugs and it does get warmer if a little rainier. If you’re there in late August, don’t miss the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, about an hour from Anchorage. You might also consider heading down the Aleutians (famous for bears and bird watching) starting at Kodiak Island down to Unalaska.

Gulf Coast 

New Orleans at daybreak.

The Gulf Coast region stretches from the jazzy streets of New Orleans to the shores of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and the coast of Texas. This is the perfect destination for a leisurely few weeks—especially if your intention is to enjoy yourself along the way. There are plenty of campgrounds along the way with RV hookups to ease your way through, many of them right by the water. Make sure you call ahead to make your reservations, as this is a popular route for road-trippers. Expect spectacular views along the coastal highways, especially along the Mississippi coast—and be prepared for hot temps and high humidity, as well as afternoon summer storms.

New England

Charles River Sunset in Boston

Winters can be harsh in New England, but summers are generally mild and late summer leading into fall can be especially beautiful. This is the perfect escape if you don’t have weeks to dedicate to the road and you still want to cover a lot of ground—in fact, you can visit five of New England’s six states in just one trip! Start out in Connecticut, where you can start the day with a hike and end with a picnic on the beach. Move on through Rhode Island with its 400 miles of shoreline and attractions galore. Stop for a couple of days to enjoy a boat trip and hikes through the trails of the Goddard Memorial State Park. From there, hit the road to Massachusetts, where Boston holds historical sites and museums galore, sports events, and more. Make a stop in Salem for a bit of witchy history then continue on to New Hampshire, where the scenery is breathtaking. Finish your journey up in Maine, with its rocky coastline, beautiful beaches, and vibrant arts scene.


Oregon Landscape – Crown Point Columbia River

Way on the other side of the country lies the Oregon Coast, undoubtedly one of America’s finest sights to see. Along its 363 miles of coastline, you’ll find sand dunes, excellent golf courses, intriguing tide pools, cliff hiking, waterfalls, impressive crashing waves, lighthouses, crabbing, seals, whales… Plan on at least a week of exploration because you’ll want to start your journey in Portland, where good eats, good drinks, and good times will keep you busy for a good few days. Oregon loves its RV travelers and has a good variety of beautiful campgrounds to park your rig.

Finger Lakes, New York

Pier House On Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen, New York

Far away from the honking horns and gridlock of Manhattan, New York’s Finger Lakes region offers road-trippers a beautiful experience. These slender lakes are surrounded by a patchwork of small towns and rich farmland, not to mention some of the country’s best vineyards. Life slows down in this area, which is a good thing considering you’ll want to make your way from one vineyard to another, sampling the wares (there are around 100 wineries as well as hard-cider producers). Start in Ithaca on Lake Cayuga’s southern tip, ending up in Hammondsport on Keuka Lake. There are, in fact, several wine trails to choose from, as well as a beer trail. There’s more to the Finger Lakes than raising a glass, though: there are outdoor activities galore including hiking and biking, boating and, of course, some excellent fishing. Sightseeing is a must at the Watkins Glen State Park, home to gorges and waterfalls—all 19 of them!

Safe travels!

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