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Testimonial: Members Have Accident On The Way To Alaska, Flown Home

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  We were Wagon Masters for Adventure Caravans’ 58 day trip to Alaska. Fifty miles before the end of the trip one of our caravaners had a major accident. They, Mr. and Mrs. Powers, were in the hospital at Vanderhoof, B.C., when they called SkyMed for help. To our amazement and delight, you flew them […]

Testimonial: Husband Becomes Ill at RV Rally in OR, Wife Calls SkyMed from CA

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Steven & Diane Siler Steven Siler was attending an RV rally in Oregon, with nothing more on his mind then seeing friends and doing some socializing. Steven began to feel ill, but let the symptoms go for a few days thinking it would pass. When it became apparent his symptoms were getting worse he decided […]

Testimonial: Untreatable Bacterial Infection in San Felipe

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Richard Naylor, Hillsboro, Oregon “I was at my winter home in San Felipe, Baja, California recovering from major cancer surgery when I suddenly became seriously ill from a bacterial infection that the doctor in San Felipe could not treat. The doctor called SkyMed for me, and the arrangements were made to return me home immediately. […]