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Roland and Carol Field, Springfield Oregon

Roland and Carol Field, from Springfield, Oregon were visiting friends in Sun Valley, Idaho when Roland was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Room due to severe infection in his left foot.  He was unable to walk and was admitted to the hospital and doctors quickly determined he needed to see a vascular surgeon but there wasn’t one in the area.

Carol said, “When I was told my husband needed to see a specialist I called my doctor in Eugene and asked for a referral and she gave me the name of the best practice in Eugene and a specific doctor’s name.  The doctor at St. Luke’s then called the referred doctor and told him what was going on and he said he would assume Roland’s care at Sacred Heart Hospital when he could get there.  I called SkyMed and explained what was happening and they immediately set into motion the emergency evacuation.  The Social Services at the Sun Valley Hospital telephoned SkyMed to verify whatever information they needed.

SkyMed made flight arrangements and the next morning the Life Flight air ambulance from St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise flew to Sun Valley to pick up Roland.  They had an ambulance waiting there and another waiting at the airport in Eugene, Oregon.  They accompanied him to Sacred Heart Hospital where the vascular surgeon was waiting for him. He was admitted and three days later underwent surgery and had part of his left foot including two toes amputated.  This was surely a life-threatening problem and he would have probably ended up losing a foot had we not been able to see the surgeon so quickly.  Roland needed another surgery on his right foot shortly thereafter and now continues to improve on a daily basis.

We received several follow-up calls from SkyMed calling to check on Roland and to ask how I am doing.  We couldn’t believe how efficient they were and what a great comfort knowing so many people were there for us.  They offered to transport our 5th wheel home to Oregon from Southern California but we declined.  Even though Roland continues to improve on a daily basis, we decided to sell the 5th wheel from there as we won’t be getting off the beaten path much anymore.”

How did you hear about SkyMed?  “We have spent the last six winters at Chula Vista RV Park in California and attended a SkyMed presentation on two occasions.  The second time we attended we heard a man share his personal experience with SkyMed’s services and he was so sold on the quality of their services that we decided to sign up and we’re so glad we did.  Since this incident with Roland we now know we had an angel sitting on our shoulder the day we purchased SkyMed and we continue to shout the praises of SkyMed to anyone who will listen!!!”

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