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Going On A Cruise Vacation? Make Sure You’re Covered—And We Don’t Mean Sunscreen

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When purchasing trip or travel insurance for a cruise vacation, most travelers do it as a precaution against a canceled trip, lost luggage, or the like. Medical evacuation coverage is usually the farthest thing from their mind—like most coverage, it seems expensive. That would be “at least until you need it” but, what are the […]

Testimonial: Member Suffers Fall & Heart Attack in Texas

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Alan & Arlene McFarland Whiting, Iowa This past February while wintering in Harlingen Texas, Alan fell and couldn’t get up. I tried to help him but I couldn’t because he’s very tall, so I called 911. The EMTs came out around midnight and helped get him off the floor, checked his vitals, and asked him […]

How One Man Saved Over $46,000 On His Cruise Vacation  

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Google “how to save money on travel” and you will literally get about 433,000,000 results in .37 seconds. Whether it’s “being flexible with your travel dates” or “going directly to the airline website,” there’s one super hot tip that can—when you least expect it—save you thousands of dollars. Here’s the Hot Tip: Purchase a medical […]

Testimonial: FMCA Member Has Heart Attack In Florida

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Charles & Donna Bond – Philadelphia, PA 20th Century Wagontrainers’ member has heart attack in Florida While wintering in Sebastian, Florida, my husband Charlie had a heart attack and more… he aspirated.  I took him to the emergency room and he had another heart attack while we were waiting in the ER.  It seemed as […]

Medical Evacuation Coverage Can Save Your Life—And Your Savings

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When retired ski instructor Larry Humm hit the slopes in Vermont with his wife and his friends last year he had never suffered a skiing injury. That day, however, something went wrong. “I read a ridge in the terrain wrong and got sucked into soft, deep snow and before I could make necessary corrections I […]

Testimonial: Husband & Wife Hospitalized in Naples, Florida Flown Home

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Wrote Geraldine Mann, “We both became sick, Harry with a heart attack and shortly after Harry’s hospitalization, I contracted meningitis and was also hospitalized. After discharge from the hospital, we had to wait until the doctor said I was well enough to travel, and once that occurred our son called SkyMed. SkyMed immediately made arrangements […]