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Is your house on wheels a hot mess? Here are a few easy tips for organizing your RV that will help keep your concentration less on what’s missing and lost and more on having fun—right where it belongs!

Start with lists. We love lists. Terry and DT from the popular RV Goddess.com page have put together several invaluable checklists that will help you organize everything from your kitchen to your camping gear to your weekly meal plans and groceries. Download, print and start a binder to keep them all, well, organized.

Visit your neighborhood Container Store (or reasonable facsimile thereof). You’d be surprised by the different uses you can give certain storage helpers. For example, over the door shoe organizers with plastic windows are great for organizing your kitchen supplies, use it by the side of your bed as a makeshift nightstand, or tack one onto the wall in the storage closet for small things like flashlights, rags, etc. Louisiana RV park Abita Springs Resort even recommends using them as mobile planters for herbs and spices. Your imagination is the limit!

Look for stacking bins for dry goods rather than keeping the original containers.

Use repositionable adhesive hooks whenever and wherever possible to hold clothes, kitchen utensils, towels, etc. Use them on the inside of cabinet doors whenever possible. Speaking of repositionable: those Command strips are awesome for attaching pretty much ANYTHING to walls and inside cabinets.

In your closet, consider a rod-doubler and the multi-size space-saver bags you can squeeze the air out of without the need for a vacuum cleaner.

Store your flatware vertically to save space. Instead of taking up valuable drawer space, put them in colorfully recovered cans or mugs—you can stuff a sponge or a rag in the can to keep it from rattling when on the road.

Storage is everywhere. That means the inside of your (cold) stove (don’t forget to empty it out before using!) and the inside of your microwave.

Tuck complete sheet sets into the second pillowcase. And when you buy towels, consider buying the quick-dry versions or micro fiber towels.

Hang a shelf system above your kitchen sink and/or an over the sink rack. While you’re at it, you might want to consider selecting a corner and screwing jar lids into the ceiling and using the accompanying jars to store small items.

Suction cups are your friend, especially when they come with little hooks set into them. Pegboards are also very RV friendly and can be used in myriad ways and you can never have too many bungee cords (they’re great from tying kitchen drawers closed as well.)

Nest, nest, nest. And think vertical storage whenever possible.

Magnetic wall strips are great for knives, impromptu photo galleries, reminders, receipts, notes and more.

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