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“In 2017 we attended a SkyMed presentation by Paul and Carolyn Kees and quickly learned how important it was to have SkyMed was as we were both healthy but in our seventies. Two years later in June of 2019 we were touring with 42 people in the National Parks on the West Coast and were enjoying our trip. On the way back, our train was late, and we needed to get a hotel room in Chicago for the night. As I was getting the key for our room, I noticed that Terry was sitting on a large stool in the lobby with his head down on his lap and, after touching him, I realized he had just had a stroke.

“Someone called 911 for us and Terry was transferred to North Western University Hospital in Chicago. Five days later he had a second stroke and remained hospitalized for twenty-three days. The clots on the right side were dissolved, but his entire left side was paralyzed. The doctor in Chicago authorized a ground ambulance to transfer Terry to Omaha which took eight hours. Once in Omaha I called SkyMed and explained to Jim and Gerry that Mission, Texas was now going to be our permanent home. They worked with the doctor to get a release so Terry could be transported by Lear jet from Omaha to McAllen, Texas

“Terry was transferred by ambulance from the hospital to the Lear jet waiting at the airport. The nurse and EMT on board were an amazing husband and wife team and the jet ride was wonderful. Then a ground ambulance transferred Terry to the rehab facility in Mission, Texas. The team stayed until they were assured that Terry was properly cared for after the transfer.

“Jim and Gerry are my angels and did everything for me and I don’t know what I would have done without them. All I did was make one phone call to SkyMed and they did more than I ever would have expected. I cannot say enough about the great treatment of SkyMed in our time of need. They paid for four ground ambulance transports and one private medical jet with a nurse and an EMT on board and even transported our vehicles back to Texas for us. You’re never too young or too healthy to have SkyMed and we highly recommend SkyMed to everyone!”

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