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Testimonial: Member Suffers Stroke, SkyMed Takes Him Home

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In 2017 we attended a SkyMed presentation by Paul & Carolyn Kees and quickly learned how important it was to have SkyMed was as we were both healthy but in our seventies. Two years later in June of 2019 we were touring with 42 people in the National Parks on the West Coast and were […]

Testimonial: Member Suffers Stroke While in Florida

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Dean & Donna Eveland Madison, Wisconsin My wife and I have homes in both Florida and Wisconsin. We’re in Florida from October until mid-May and spend the other months in Wisconsin. Our children and grandchildren live in Wisconsin and most of our medical care providers are there. We knew that if either of us had […]

Testimonial: Member Flown Home to Avoid Further Health Complications

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Del & Luann Larson Moorehead, Minnesota In March of 2014 my wife and I were on our way back to Minnesota from our winter vacation in Tucson and stopped in Mesa due to an electrical problem. The next evening my wife Luann wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early, only to be awakened around […]

Testimonial: Member Suffers Stroke While Visiting Family in Canada

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Lynne Clements –Gainesville, Georgia My husband and I were away from our home in Georgia visiting my family in a remote area of New Brunswick, Canada. While we were there I woke up in the middle of the night and discovered I had no sensation at all on my right side. I had recently been […]

Testimonial: FMCA Member Has Stroke In Prescott, Arizona

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Marvin & Deanna Pitts – Prescott, Arizona My husband, Marvin, had a major stroke on February 18, 2014, and when I recognized what was happening to him, I knew I had to act quickly so I drove him to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona, about 15 minutes away. I went in and told […]