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Top Tips for New Travelers

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Taking a flight somewhere for the first time can bring on a bit of anxiety along with the excitement of visiting a new destination. With a little planning and some deep breathing—not to mention brushing up on a few tips for new travelers —you’ll find you’ll be ready to jump in with both feet and […]

Tips for Stress-Free Summer Travel

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  Between the rising price of gas, overcrowded airports, the shrinking size of plane seats, and the growing number of fees, it might be tempting to just turn the a/c on high and overdose on Netflix this summer. The siren song of travel, though, can really be too tempting to ignore, so we’ve put together […]

Vacation Planning Checklist

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There’s nothing more exciting than planning a getaway, though sometimes it seems there are a thousand and one things to remember to do before you leave. This vacation planning checklist will help you make sure you get to every one of them—we even divided it into four sections for the maximum organization: What to do […]

Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Travel Advisor

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Paragraph Why would you need a Travel Advisor when everything is out there on the Internet just waiting to be Googled? Well, here’s something I experienced first-hand not too long ago that convinced me that, hello, just because I have a computer doesn’t mean I can find and book all my trips by myself—even one […]

Testimonial: Possible Eye Surgery Flown from San Miguel, MEX to Madison, WI

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Deb Martinelli, San Miguel, Mexico Jack and I live full-time in San Miguel, Mexico after relocating here from Madison, Wisconsin three years ago. Recently I experienced problems with my right eye and my eye surgeon in Madison, Wisconsin was concerned about the possibility of a torn or detached retina. He had successfully operated on the same eye a year ago and recommended […]