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Top Underrated Summer Vacation Spots

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Orlando, Anaheim, San Diego, Washington D.C… All tried and true summer vacation spots, along with their tried and true crowds. If you’ve been there, done that with the mouse ears and the (albeit lovely) Coronado shoreline, here is a list of some underrated summer vacation spots for families, couples or even singles that you might […]

Colonial Mexico: History Comes Alive

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It’s no surprise a country as vast as Mexico—with 761,601 square miles, it’s nearly three times the size of Texas—hosts a wealth of incredibly varied natural and man-made wonders. The Central Region is the heart of colonial Mexico, with many of its cities declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The natural scenery that surrounds them is […]

Phoenix, Arizona: Fun In The Valley Of The Sun

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True to its Wild West roots, Phoenix, Arizona originated as a hay camp established to supply the Army at Camp McDowell. Today, it’s the nation’s fifth largest city and the center of what’s called The Valley of the Sun—mainly thanks to the more than 300 days of sunshine each year. The Valley is composed of […]

72 hours in Cancun

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If you’re not familiar with Cancun, well, I really think it’s time you went. At the very least you must have seen the pictures: miles of amazing white sand and astonishingly blue water, punctuated by hotels and preceded by a nightlife that never stops (should you be into that sort of thing, of course.) Between […]