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SkyMed Offers RV Return During Members’ Stressful Situation

Linda and David Hughes travel to Harlingen, a city in South Texas, for four to five months every year. This particular year, a stressful series of cascading events, like a chain of falling dominos, took place. First, Linda came down with Covid and had to quarantine for 10 days. After recuperating, she traveled home to see her 90-year-old father who was in precarious health. While there, Linda received a phone call telling her that David, who had COPD, was being taken to the hospital as he had come down with severe exacerbation. He ended up being in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Linda, next, traveled back to Texas to see David, and then back home once again to be with her father. Finally, back in Texas to be with David, who had been discharged and instructed not to drive, Linda found out her father had passed. Linda braced for her third trip back to Missouri for his funeral. Since it was toward the end of their time away from home, Linda decided that it was not worth going back to Texas. She knew that she could not drive the RV back. Hence, a local SkyMed Representative, who had been abreast of the Hughes situation, reached out and suggested that Linda call SkyMed Member Services. “I will never forget the words I heard on the phone when I called,” says Linda. “I heard, ‘Don’t worry, you are family and we got you!’. SkyMed flew our son, who volunteered to return the RV back with David and our two dogs, down to Texas. All got home safe and sound. It was all taken care of!”

How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed? “We attended a presentation at an RV Park in Texas. It was a combination of several things that encouraged us to become Members. First, the testimonies of others were influential. Second, learning about the many services that SkyMed offers, such as, getting your pets home, your RV home, human remains home if one of us should die, and many more. We chose to become SkyMed Members under the Five-Year ULTIMATE Plan. We had ‘Peace of Mind’ protection for four years and then the last year, we used it. The cost of our Membership was recouped in one SkyMed service!”

What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed? “We tell everyone about SkyMed! It is absolutely true that this company stands behind their motto of ‘Takes You Home.’ Everyone at SkyMed that we spoke to was kind and sincerely cared about us. SkyMed is great value for the dollar that you spend. Make that phone call to SkyMed and become Members.”

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