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SkyMed Member Shares Tumultuous Story of Getting Hit by a Truck

June Post was taking a road trip to visit her sons. She traveled from Florida to Ohio before arriving in the Highlands area of South Carolina. Having time to explore, June was curious about Falls Park on the Reedy River. Walking along South Main Street, she saw that the access to the park was across the street, so she stepped onto the crosswalk. Unfortunately, it was at this very time, June was struck by a pickup truck and pushed down in the street. The driver did stop and apologize, and nearby pedestrians called 911. She was in and out of consciousness as paramedics arrived to take over. She was transported by ambulance to the Prisma Greenville Memorial Hospital where the ER staff found an emergency phone number on her phone and contacted her son who has POA. Her son and his wife left their home in IN shortly afterward and drove to Greenville to be with her.  Meanwhile, June was admitted to the trauma intensive care unit with a brain bleed and several fractures. After being hospitalized for eight days, her next step was to a rehabilitation center in Greer, SC for an additional two weeks.

Wanting to return to Florida, and to move into an assisted living facility until she was healed, “It was at this point that I contacted SkyMed,” says June. “SkyMed arranged for a medical van and medical escort to take me back to Florida and for my car to be taken home. June was able to walk again by mid-October and returned home. Thank you, SkyMed!”

How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed?
“As a previous full-time RVer and someone who loved traveling,” says June, “I joined SkyMed during a promotional talk at the Florida SKP Resort in 2018.”

What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed?
“In discussing options for my return home, SkyMed worked with me to consider the nature of my injuries and the resulting transportation needs. I highly recommend SkyMed to anyone who plans to travel.”

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