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Testimonial: SkyMed Offers RV Return During Members’ Stressful Situation

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SkyMed Offers RV Return During Members’ Stressful Situation Linda and David Hughes travel to Harlingen, a city in South Texas, for four to five months every year. This particular year, a stressful series of cascading events, like a chain of falling dominos, took place. First, Linda came down with Covid and had to quarantine for […]

Testimonial: SkyMed Surprises Member with Reimbursement

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SkyMed always encourages its Members to contact us immediately after receiving medical attention. Sometimes, though, we don’t hear from them until after the fact. Even then, SkyMed can still deliver our trademark peace of mind. Such was the case with SkyMed Champion Cynthia Thomas. “I called SkyMed in October to renew my membership and, out […]

Testimonial: Member Flown Home to Avoid Further Health Complications

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Del & Luann Larson Moorehead, Minnesota In March of 2014 my wife and I were on our way back to Minnesota from our winter vacation in Tucson and stopped in Mesa due to an electrical problem. The next evening my wife Luann wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early, only to be awakened around […]