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“I had surgery for malignant melanoma in 1999 that was successful. Since that time, I have been checked every three months. While I was down in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the local dermatologist thought she saw something. After getting tested, the biopsy came back malignant. Not wanting to have surgery in Mexico but requiring it immediately, I called SkyMed who arranged and flew both my wife and me into Portland, Maine to the Maine Medical Center. After surgery and once the doctors gave me the okay, SkyMed arranged and paid to fly us back to our winter home in Mexico, no questions asked! During our challenge, SkyMed showed us empathy and provided us with support. What a great experience with literally one phone call. Since this time, I have used SkyMed’s services again for the very same thing when I was once again diagnosed with melanoma. Our SkyMed family was like having a partner on the other end of the phone.”


How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed? “We used to winter in the Caribbean, and we saw advertisements for SkyMed. We also travel to Europe often. When we saw that SkyMed offered a Global ETS Plan that would protect us where we traveled, it was a no-brainer for us. For peace of mind, having SkyMed is worth it.”


What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed? “I tell them they should buy a SkyMed Membership. We had a great experience.”


Do you have any tips to share on ‘how to’ survive a life challenge? “First of all,” says Tom, “Buy a SkyMed Membership and add the Global ETS Plan. SkyMed is worth every penny and if you want peace of mind, sign up!”

For more SkyMed Champion Experiences visit- https://blog.skymed.com/category/testimonials/
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