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How Young Is Too Young For A River Cruise?

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If you think a river cruise is for retirees past their expiration date, think again: according to CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), a good portion of the growth of river cruising over the past few years is actually due to an increase in bookings with a much younger set in mind. While traditionally the domain […]

Multigen Travel: Where To Go, What To Do

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Multigen travel is booming: cruise vacations, summer getaways, cultural tours, active tours—you name it! And it’s not just grandparents taking the grandkids. There are more boomer parents taking their adult children (and paying for it), which means the older generation is benefitting from the younger one’s sense of the exotic. This type of family bonding […]

Boomer Travel: Grab the Grandkids and Go!  

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Multigenerational travel, that is, several generations—kids, parents and grandparents—on the same trip is still on the rise, but thanks to the increasing numbers of grandparents that still have plenty of get up and go, traveling with the grandkids is also gaining ground. Being a “senior” no longer equals “early bird,” quite the contrary: baby boomers are […]

Top Five Boomer Travel Trends

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You’ve been around for a while… And all signs indicate you aren’t going to go anywhere any time soon—unless you’re talking travel, of course! More than a “new” trend, boomer travel is basically a continuation of a very important segment of the travel industry. And with boomers quickly adding up to nearly half of the […]