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Testimonial: Member Has Motorcycle Accident in AZ; RV and Bike Returned to Canada

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We were in Kearney, AZ, when I stopped my motorcycle abruptly, it fell over and landed on my left thigh. I ended up with a huge hematoma and was admitted to the Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. As it turned out, I required three surgeries and 8 days of total bed rest. Meanwhile, the […]

Bikers: Medevac Membership Picks Up Where Motorcycle Insurance Leaves Off

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Arizona’s year round riding season—think high country in the summer and everywhere else the rest of the year—means bikers flock to its wide-open roads flanked by some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery. Home to one of the fastest growing rallies in the country, Arizona Bike Week, the state is set to welcome bikers from […]