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Insurance Tips for Traveling Boomers

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While we realize that, for many, this might not be the ideal time to travel, at SkyMed and SkyMed Travel we want to offer you information and ideas with an eye on a future that’s once again full of fun, adventure, and exploration.  Now that you’re retired, you might want to take a closer look […]

Travel Insurance: What Are Your Alternatives?

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There are different types of travel insurance policies and alternatives intended for different types of travelers and trips. Most travelers, though, will find they need at least one type of coverage—or more—for any given trip. The umbrella term “travel insurance” can cover a wide variety of events. According to the US Travel Insurance Association, the […]

Worry-Free Cruising: Top Tips for On-Board Safety

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  You’ve booked your trip and you’re raring to go: the first thing on your mind is a spa treatment and a drink on the deck—the last thing might be staying safe aboard your floating first-class hotel. While it’s true that the cruise industry has instituted several new procedures and safety directives, as a passenger, […]

Five Reasons You Don’t Need A Medevac Membership  

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Travel much? Even if you don’t, chances are you’ve seen the little checkbox for travel insurance when you purchased your ticket. But why would you need that? After all, if the ticket only cost you a couple hundred dollars, it might be worth it to get the airline credit if the trip goes awry. And […]

Medical Evacuation Coverage Can Save Your Life—And Your Savings

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When retired ski instructor Larry Humm hit the slopes in Vermont with his wife and his friends last year he had never suffered a skiing injury. That day, however, something went wrong. “I read a ridge in the terrain wrong and got sucked into soft, deep snow and before I could make necessary corrections I […]

Testimonial: Paul, Aubrey & Paul Jr. Williams, Maryland [VIDEO]

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While vacationing at their timeshare in Cancun, Mexico, Paul and Audrey Williams faced a dilemma no family ever wants to have happen: their five-year old son, Paul Jr., was struck down with a critical illness that demanded immediate repatriation to their home medical providers in Maryland. Within a matter of hours, SkyMed dispatched a medically-equipped […]