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How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise

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There’s nothing more fun than a cruise—but nothing less fun than getting sick on one. Cruise ships have a reputation for being floating germ incubators, but truth is, you have about a third less chance of getting sick on one than you do picking something up at home. However, if someone is contagious and goes […]

How One Man Saved Over $46,000 On His Cruise Vacation  

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Google “how to save money on travel” and you will literally get about 433,000,000 results in .37 seconds. Whether it’s “being flexible with your travel dates” or “going directly to the airline website,” there’s one super hot tip that can—when you least expect it—save you thousands of dollars. Here’s the Hot Tip: Purchase a medical […]

Testimonial: Blood Transfusion Needed Aboard Cruise Ship – St. Petersburg, Russia

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Don Sweet – San Francisco, California My wife and I had been traveling in Russia and this was our first time taking the winter cruise between St. Petersburg and Moscow-Minsk. After three days on the cruise I noticed I had blood blisters here and there and bruise-like marks on my body and went to see the […]

Testimonial: Eva Bready, San Antonio, TX

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Mrs. Eva Bready was enjoying a cruise vacation when she suffered a broken pelvis and arm. She was hospitalized in Nassau, Bahamas when we received a call regarding her emergency situation. Her daughter, Dr. Lois Bready, who was in San Antonio, Texas, was very helpful in facilitating the air evac. (And most impressed by SkyMed’s […]