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Testimonial: FMCA Member Has Stroke In Prescott, Arizona

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Marvin & Deanna Pitts – Prescott, Arizona My husband, Marvin, had a major stroke on February 18, 2014, and when I recognized what was happening to him, I knew I had to act quickly so I drove him to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona, about 15 minutes away. I went in and told […]

Testimonial: Member Flown Home After Spending Eight Days in Cancun Hospital

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Every October, Ron and Betty Jensen, go to spend a few weeks in sunny Cancun. They looked forward to it all year. One day during their annual visit Betty started having chest pains and blurry vision. They went to see a doctor nearby. He ordered blood tests which showed low hematocrit levels (the percentage of […]

Testimonial: John & Connie Gorman, Phoenix, AZ

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SkyMed members John and Connie Gorman had just comfortably settled into their seats that Saturday aboard a Southwest Airlines direct flight from Phoenix to Providence, RI. Even though they were heading back east to say their good-byes to an old friend they were both feeling good. The plane was just cruising over Albuquerque airspace when […]