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Testimonial: Larry & Dorothy Humm, Brockport, NY

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  “My wife and four of our friends were enjoying a gorgeous day snow skiing at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont.  I have been a professional ski instructor for many years (now retired) and have never had a skiing injury, but something went wrong that day.  I read a ridge in the terrain wrong and […]

Testimonial: Member Vacationing in Cancun Airlifted Home

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I became very weak while on vacation in Cancun. I went to the hospital where they checked my blood and discovered my hemoglobin levels were only 1/3 of normal. I called my hemotologist in Kalamazoo, MI who said I needed to get a transfusion to stabilize my condition and then get home. When we called […]

Testimonial: Warren Carson, Shelton, WA

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After recuperating from a critical medical emergency requiring an air evac, from Palm Springs, California to his home in Shelton, Washington, SkyMed member Warren Carson wrote this note, comparing SkyMed to other air evac programs “We have had other memberships, but none came even close to offering the service and care of SkyMed. The critical difference […]

Testimonial: Norm & Lucille Hewer, Michigan

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“While traveling home to Michigan from Perry, Georgia my husband became very ill. We made a stop at the local emergency room in Sidney, Ohio, where he was admitted with an infected gall bladder and emergency surgery was immediately performed. Continued Lucille, “I made a call to SkyMed advising them that I may need assistance […]

Testimonial: Diagnosed with Aggressive Adenocarcinoma, Member Wants to Go Home

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Marv & Elaine Niehoff from Melrose, Minnesota “Following a very short illness, Marv was diagnosed with a very aggressive adeno-carcinoma of the lung. No treatment was possible and he wanted to go home. We were wintering in Arizona. We had the good sense to take out a membership in SkyMed 3 years ago. When Marv […]

Testimonial: Silkya Contreras, St. Croix, USVI

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My step-daughter Silkya, age 14, needed to be airlifted to Puerto Rico, as a week prior she had a bad fall from her bicycle and punctured her liver. We were SkyMed members so we immediately called them once we saw the urgency. They understood our need as the puncture was worse than first thought and […]