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SkyMed International Transports Member, Vehicle, and Motorhome Back Home

“It’s possible that your injury diagnosed as a slipped disc may result in serious injury, paralysis from the waist down, or even in death”, Marian ‘Ann’ Rowland was told by doctors after arriving at a Texas hospital with pain radiating from her lower spine. With such a serious diagnosis, Bob, her husband, wanted to get Ann back to their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota to be closer to their regular doctors. A call to SkyMed was made. SkyMed arranged to have a daughter fly to Texas to be with Ann. SkyMed next arranged a flight for Ann to be flown from McAllen, Texas to a hospital in St. Paul, MN. In addition to that, SkyMed arranged to have their car and motorhome returned. Once back in Minnesota, Ann’s own doctors discovered a different diagnosis which was a fractured vertebra. Ann spent the next several months in a hospital bed and at physical therapy rehabilitation.

“This wasn’t the only time we have relied on SkyMed,” says Ann. “Bob fell and fractured his heel while we were traveling in our RV in California. SkyMed was contacted and they flew in a friend of ours who drove our RV back to Texas.”

How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed? “We were Escapee Members down in Livingston, TX,” says Marian. “It happened that SkyMed’s Chairman Will Klein was there giving a presentation about SkyMed’s services. We chose to become Members.”

What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed? “I tell our friends; I don’t know how you can live away from home or do routine traveling, and not have SkyMed.” says Marian. “I have seen too many others in stressful situations, and they don’t know what to do.”

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Date of Service: June 2014

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