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Testimonial: Holiday Rambler Member Flown Home to Colorado Due to Terminal Illness

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 Charles & Dorothy Larson Longmont, Colorado While wintering in Donna, Texas in March of 2014 my wife Dorothy began having back pain and had difficulty walking. We took her to the hospital and test results confirmed she had a lower lumbar fracture and a form of blood cancer. We knew we needed to get her […]

Testimonial: Member Suffers Stroke While Visiting Family in Canada

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Lynne Clements –Gainesville, Georgia My husband and I were away from our home in Georgia visiting my family in a remote area of New Brunswick, Canada. While we were there I woke up in the middle of the night and discovered I had no sensation at all on my right side. I had recently been […]

“I Don’t Travel Abroad: Why Do I Need A Medevac Membership?”

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“My husband, Marvin, had a major stroke on February 18, 2014,” recalls Deanna Pitts, a member of SkyMed’s emergency medical evacuation program. “When I realized what was happening I knew I had to act quickly so I drove him to Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott, Arizona, about 15 minutes away [from our home]. I went […]

Testimonial: Member With Acute Gallbladder Problems In Mexico Airlifted Home

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A Vagabundos Travel Club member and a SkyMed member since 09/01/02, Margaret developed acute gall bladder problems while vacationing in San Quintin, MX, a small town about 150 miles south of Ensenada, MX, and needed surgery as soon as possible. The local hospital lacked the facilities to perform surgery, therefore the Lockwoods preferred not to […]

Testimonial: Larry & Dorothy Humm, Brockport, NY

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  “My wife and four of our friends were enjoying a gorgeous day snow skiing at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont.  I have been a professional ski instructor for many years (now retired) and have never had a skiing injury, but something went wrong that day.  I read a ridge in the terrain wrong and […]

Testimonial: Member Vacationing in Cancun Airlifted Home

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I became very weak while on vacation in Cancun. I went to the hospital where they checked my blood and discovered my hemoglobin levels were only 1/3 of normal. I called my hemotologist in Kalamazoo, MI who said I needed to get a transfusion to stabilize my condition and then get home. When we called […]