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Jack & Jan Parker from Killeen, Texas

Writes Jack and Jan Parker: “We would recommend SkyMed from personal experience. My husband fell out of our truck in Michigan and cracked a hip. During his 8 days in the hospital we knew we were facing the problem of getting our RV and truck back to Texas. Jack could not drive, and I had never pulled an RV before.” One call to SkyMed, and the return flight for the Parkers was arranged, and a professional service was contacted to drive their RV back to Texas.

“We had two plane changes, but a skycap met us at each one with a wheel chair and saw to it we got on our next flight. They were great. Friends met us at the airport and opened their home to us until our RV could get there. We had been told to expect it in 8-9 days, but the RV arrived in excellent condition the 6th day. We would like to encourage all travelers to get this type of coverage. SkyMed is the company we happened to pick, and we would not trade it for anything.” The Parkers would have paid nearly $4,000 to make the same arrangements, plus the stress of not knowing who to call. Their only cost was their SkyMed membership (and maybe a tip or two for the skycaps!)

Jack and Jan Parker,

 Without SkyMed: $4,000

With SkyMed: $0

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