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survivor-story-geraldine-and-harry-mann-bourbonnais-ilWrote Geraldine Mann, “We both became sick, Harry with a heart attack and shortly after Harry’s hospitalization, I contracted meningitis and was also hospitalized. After discharge from the hospital, we had to wait until the doctor said I was well enough to travel, and once that occurred our son called SkyMed. SkyMed immediately made arrangements for us to return home by commercial air. Even more than expected, SkyMed flew our daughter home with us so there was someone to care for us both on the plane and at home.”

The Mann’s son-in-law volunteered to drive the Mann’s van home, along with returning their dog, and he was very appreciative that SkyMed paid the expenses for this return as well.

We would like to thank you for all the help you gave us. It helped make our trip from Naples, Florida to Bourbonnais, Illinois, fast and easy. Our children thank you for the help they received. We are all singing your praises….also, we will be sure to tell all of our friends.”


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