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SkyMed Cuba Travel

US Government eases travel restrictions; medical evacuation membership services now available for North American Members traveling to Cuba.

Will Klein, Chairman and CEO of Arizona-based SkyMed International Inc., announced that the company would begin offering their emergency air repatriation services to American membership owners who travel to Cuba effective immediately.

Mr. Klein was speaking to a group of 400 SkyMed members and their guests at a company appreciation luncheon at the Victoria Palms Resort in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

“In view of the recent decision to open travel arrangements by the American government we will now remove the restriction of emergency air repatriation services for Americans who will be traveling to Cuba,” said the SkyMed CEO.

SkyMed has been providing emergency air repatriation and related services to its American and Canadian members since 1989. Mr. Klein went on to say, “Our mantra, SkyMed Takes You Home, when a member suffers a critical illness or injury while traveling away from their home, for any reason, is at the forefront of the travel industry.”

SkyMed’s services include but are not limited to: Medical escort flights; family members or friends flown to the bedside of a hospitalized member; when travel is by vehicle which is stranded due to a member’s incapacitation professional driver’s will return the vehicle to the member’s home; physical remains return; and children and grandchildren of members have the same services available to them when traveling with members.

The SkyMed Chairman said his company’s services have been available to more than a quarter-million members over the years.

The company began serving the recreational vehicle and cruise traveler industries throughout the North American hemisphere, except Cuba, and now provides membership services worldwide through a related company, Global Emergency Travel Services.

SkyMed memberships are available for short-term travel of a few days, monthly memberships, and annual plans of one, three and five years.

An example of SkyMed service is shared by Gilbert Molnar of Vancouver, British Columbia and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: “My wife and I were on a Carnival cruise ship near Cozumel when I had a heart attack. Our membership card turned out to be a lifesaver. After one call, SkyMed made all the arrangements and before long we were on a medically equipped jet home with a doctor, nurse, two pilots and a medical assistant. They not only saved my life, they saved us over $46,000.”

About SkyMed International

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, SkyMed International, Inc., the flagship of the SkyMed Group of Companies, has served more than 250,000 members since it opened in 1989. The company offers air ambulance membership services, medical air evacuations, emergency travel services and personal travel concierge services. For members traveling outside the 30 countries covered by SkyMedTAKES YOU HOME, the company offers GLOBAL Emergency Travel Services. Together they have organized air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance. In addition, the company has created the SkyMed Travel Club, a members’ only club that gives travelers access to exclusive pricing for vacations not available to the public. The SkyMed Group of Companies also includes SkyMed Florida, SkyMed USVI and now FARELINE, a full-service on-line and brick-and-mortar travel agency located in their Scottsdale office. For more information visit https://blog.skymed.com or call 800-475-9633.

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