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SkyMed Testimonial

 Maron & Charlotte Davis 

Laramie, Wyoming 

After many years of wanting to go to Belize, Global ETS members Charlotte and Maron Davis finally decided to vacation there. During their stay they signed up for a tour to travel up the Jungle River to see the Mayan ruins. Along the way Charlotte slipped and fell on her left side. They first thought it was only a bruise but it turned out she had broken her hip and wrist on her left side.

According to Charlotte, “We went up the river to the ruins and when I couldn’t walk they carried me to the boat and then back down to the ruins to Eco Tour Headquarters. We drove an hour to Belize City where I was admitted to the hospital. The x-rays revealed that the head of the femur was completely broken off.

During that time we contacted Global ETS and they arranged to fly us from Belize City to Atlanta, complete with a medical escort, which was wonderful. Then from Atlanta we went on to Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver where I had hip replacement surgery.”

How did you find out about Global ETS? We had been researching travel insurance online and when we found Global we knew it was a perfect fit for us so we signed up.

What would you tell your friends about your experience with Global ETS? We would tell them what a wonderful job Global ETS did arranging everything to get us from Belize to Denver, which was close to our home in Laramie, Wyoming where we had parked our car. This was a critical component to us because it would have been very difficult to get close to home so we could drive from there.

It has been a few weeks since the surgery and I’m tired but healing. The doctor confirmed recuperation will take a long time and after all we’ve been through we’re sincerely grateful to the team at GLOBAL ETS who took care of everything to get us home!

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