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Your RV is your ticket to a world of road trips and fun outdoor adventures. But where are you supposed to store the behemoth when you’re not traveling? While keeping your RV at home may be tempting in terms of cost and convenience, there are several reasons to use a spacious and secure facility instead. Read on for 10 common problems you could face when storing your RV at home.


How can I protect my RV against break-ins?

Invest in a good security system or store your RV in a secure storage facility.

Insect Infestation 

How can insects damage my RV while it’s parked in my driveway?

Termite infestations can cause significant damage to interior walls and flooring.

Water Damage

How can I protect my RV from water damage during the wet winter months?

The best way to prevent water leaks in your RV is to keep it in a covered storage unit.   

Tree Damage

Should I be worried about trees damaging my RV when it’s stored at home?

Yes! Trees will drop debris and sap onto your RV which can leave permanent marks in the paint.

Sun Exposure

What kind of damage can the sun cause to my RV?

Besides damaging the paint, the sun’s UV rays can weaken rubber over time, leading to leaks.


How do I prevent my RV from becoming an eyesore in my driveway?

Keeping your RV clean will help. Just be sure to choose nontoxic products that aren’t poisonous to pets or wildlife.

Space Limitations

How can I make space to store my RV at home?

Instead of squeezing your RV onto your driveway, consider keeping it in a storage facility.

Upgrade Your Rental

I currently rent an apartment. Do I have any storage options?

If you’re renting an apartment, your best course of action could be to look for a rental that provides the extra space you need to store your RV.

HOA Restrictions

Will my homeowner’s association allow me to park my RV at home?

Most HOAs do not permit residents to store their RVs at home. If you do so, you may be fined or ticketed.

Uneven Weight Distribution

Is it okay to store my RV on a sloped driveway over the winter?

Parking your motorhome on a slope for an extended period can damage certain appliances, like your refrigeration system.

With all of the potential problems involved in storing your RV at home, it’s just not worth the hassle. Choosing a dedicated storage facility will keep it clean, secure, and ready for your next adventure!

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