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Emergency medical evacuation memberships are usually not the topic of conversation when talking about travel—”Where are you going?” “What are you packing?” and “Where are you going to stay?” are the more likely suspects—but with the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, perhaps they should be. But which one is right for you? There are occasional articles in the papers and online about the different membership companies, but there is one major question you should ask yourself before you sign on any dotted line: “This is all well and good: but will it take me all the way home?”

At SkyMed, that’s exactly what we do—and it’s one of the top features that sets us apart from our competitors.

During the first-ever RV Travel Summit held exclusively online, organizer Stephen Smyth invited SkyMed Chairman Will Klein and VP West Coast Will Smith to talk about the SkyMed TAKES YOU HOME memberships, what they consist of and what they can mean to you, the traveler. Click below to get the scoop…

Because when a medical emergency occurs, you’ll either be happy you have SkyMed, or wish you did! 

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