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Travel Fails to Avoid

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You book in a hurry—and get a non-refundable ticket for the wrong date. Or head out the door and get to the airport during rush hour—only to realize you left your passport in your side table drawer. The list of #travelfails can be pretty long and some can even be quite funny (unless they happen […]

Best Travel Apps You Can’t Leave Without

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  For better or for worse, smartphones have become an extension of us: we take them shopping, dining, to the doctor, the salon, the gym and beyond. And they certainly don’t get left behind when we travel! Whether its for selfies, food shots, guidebooks or translators, these mini-computers are guaranteed a workout on the road. […]

INTERVIEW: Chairman Will Klein—What is SkyMed All About?

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Emergency medical evacuation memberships are usually not the topic of conversation when talking about travel—”Where are you going?” “What are you packing?” and “Where are you going to stay?” are the more likely suspects—but with the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, perhaps they should be. But which one is right for you? There are occasional articles in […]