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With their exciting combination of photographic prowess, exotic locales and good writing, this week’s top travel blogs bring the world to your doorstep and just might help inspire some epic trips of your own.


Beers & Beans The cheeky name has a backstory: Randy, one half of this dynamic duo, loves beer, and the other half, Beth, is a vegetarian that loves beans. Together, this über prolific couple have been traveling the world since 2010, generating enough killer photography (and great stories) to spark an 8 million-strong following on Pinterest (they are, in fact, the creators of Pin-Up Live!) Their photo essays are a must and I’m quite partial to their Somewhere In Time Travel Photos, where they highlight photos that evoke different emotions. They’re also a go-to source for other travel photogs to get great tips and insights. (Twitter: @BeersandBeans)

Peanuts or Pretzels Bloggers Josh & Liz are a married couple who’s tag line “we love, we laugh, we travel” is very well represented in their writing and photography. They have a great section on geocaching (that’s modern treasure hunting for the uninitiated), which they’ve successfully indulged in around the world. I also enjoy their “Beers RTW” segment, where they take a behind-the-scenes look at the good brews. I have to say their enthusiasm is quite contagious—don’t miss the short video they made about how they came to be. (Twitter: @PeanutsPretzels)

Nicholas Andriani This traveler specializes in “Adventure Travel and Gastronomy”—his latest piece, “How to Tagine,” focuses on the earthenware pot of the same name (central to Moroccan cooking) along with a mouth-watering recipe for Fish Tajine. Travel and food go together quite well, and I like browsing his entries and picking up tips on how to make my cooking more enticing. His posts chronicle his travels through North Africa, Spain, the Middle East and the exotic Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul and yes, the USA. This is another blogger to follow and watch as he evolves—he’s got the talent! (Twitter: @nickandriani)

The World Wanderer It’s a wander-ful world out there, and 28-year-old Erin aims to see every bit of it. This young teacher takes advantage of the generous school breaks to hit the road (how fun would it be to be one of her students?) She recently started a series called “Transport Your Taste Buds” where she spotlights recipes from different countries along with what to pair it with and what to listen to while you partake. Being partial to Latin American food, I’m game for the “Empanadas: Three Ways” entry inspired by her trip to Chile. I may even post the results (don’t hold your breath). (Twitter: @TheWrldWanderer)

Anti-Tourist Traveler Kathryn is an accomplished photographer and a traveler who prefers to take her trips solo, the better to mingle with the locals. Her intention is to truly live and savor the experiences abroad, shying away from guidebooks and anything that can remotely be labeled as “touristy.” The result is a heartfelt, no holds barred collection of musings and truly striking images. I enjoyed the depth in the portraits in “Faces From Around The World, Black & White Edition” (check out the soulful gaze of the young Egyptian girl). She’s also the founder of the budding #travelpics twitter chat—you might want to join! (Twitter: @AntiTourist)

Do you have any favorite travel bogs you’d like to add to the list? Let us know which ones and why in the comments section!


Photo credit: Neil Crosby via photopin cc

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