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El Quelite: Delightful Day Trip from Mazatlan, Mexico

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Known as the “Shrimp Capital of the World”, the port of Mazatlan is a vibrant seaside city that was once the recipient of tons of gold and silver mined from the nearby mountains and is today recuperating its status as a beloved Pacific Coast getaway for thousands of travelers from North America. While most of […]

Top 5 Bizarre Travel Foods

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They say one man’s pleasure is another man’s pain, and we think what’s placed on the dinner table can very well be described in these terms. Take blue cheese, for instance, which is basically moldy cheese, or the popular Mexican menudo soup, made from beef tripe. Both are considered delicacies by some, bizarre foods by […]

Latin Fusion Cuisine: Zest Takes Puerto Rican Cooking To New Heights

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Though Latin fusion cuisine has been the darling of the gourmet scene for a few years now, truth is, not all blends are created equal. Raúl Correa, the young chef behind Puerto Rico’s San Juan Water Beach Club’s signature restaurant, Zest, brings a special passion to the concept, mixing the best of island cooking with […]

Don’t Miss: Top Travel Blogs of the Week – July 29, 2013

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With their exciting combination of photographic prowess, exotic locales and good writing, this week’s top travel blogs bring the world to your doorstep and just might help inspire some epic trips of your own. Enjoy! Beers & Beans The cheeky name has a backstory: Randy, one half of this dynamic duo, loves beer, and the […]