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Travel Fitness 101

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  We all travel at one point or another in our lives—some of us more than others—which means we don’t always have access to our usual running path or local gym. Being away from home, though, shouldn’t put too big of a kink in moving your muscles. In fact, exercising and stretching is a must, […]

Travel Etiquette: How To Be A Better Passenger

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  As much fun as travel can be, sometimes the “getting there” part can be quite trying on your patience if a bit of travel etiquette isn’t applied. With air travel incredibly hitting all-time highs and airlines squeezing as many humans in as they possibly can, it’s almost of the essence to be exceptionally polite […]

Cozumel: An Island Paradise

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  There is nothing quite like the charm of a Mexican beach town. Surround it with the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, and you really have something incredible. In Mexico, that “something incredible” is the island of Cozumel, a popular stopover for cruise ships and a fantastic day trip from Cancun. This Caribbean […]

Cruising Down Under: Australia and New Zealand | SkyMed Travel

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So, you want to travel down under, but where to? Australia? New Zealand? They both look amazing, and if you’re going to go that far already, lucky for you, you don’t have to choose when you cruise—and Celebrity Cruises has just the ticket! For 11 nights in March 2023, the Celebrity Eclipse will take you to […]

Boomer Travel: Grab the Grandkids and Go!  

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  Multigenerational travel, that is, several generations—kids, parents and grandparents—on the same trip is still trending with no signs of slowing down. Many grandparents, though, are deciding to skip a generation and take just the grandkids, leaving the moms and dads to some quiet time of their own while they head out for some fun. Being […]

Passport FAQ: What Documentation Do I Need For Traveling With Kids?

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There’s a lot that goes into traveling with kids: there’s the iPad, the charger, the games; there’s downloading the books and the necessary snacks. Barring any last-minute need for a stuffed animal or that “special” shirt, looks like you’re ready to go! Or are you… If you’re crossing borders or international waters—especially if you’re traveling […]