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SkyMed Air Flights Member with Vertebrae Fracture Home to Comfort

My wife, Carol, and I like to spend time in Yuma, Arizona every year,” says Harold Dykstra. “This particular year on May 20, Carol began to experience some pain in her back. Her pain lessened after a quick visit to and a shot at the ER in Yuma. Unfortunately, it wasn’t many days later, and extreme pain set in. What could be causing her so much pain, we wondered? Did something happen when she had recently sat down hard on her chair, or did something happen when she was stretching and exercising in the pool? On May 24, I called the EMT squad who transported her to the Yuma Regional Medical Center. It was concluded that her L3 vertebrae was broken. Carol stayed overnight in the Yuma Regional Medical Center and was then transferred to the Yuma Physical Therapy Center where she stayed for an additional 10 days. Due to Medicare guidelines, it was necessary for her to leave the Center and return home. Carol could not travel back to Nebraska in a car; therefore, our two daughters flew in. We next drove to Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix and Carol, me, and one of our daughters boarded a plane to Omaha. Our other daughter and her husband drove our Denali back. SkyMed covered our expenses, and we are ever so grateful.”

How did you find out about SkyMed and why did you choose SkyMed?  “We have been SkyMed Members for close to 12 years. We chose to become Members since our travels took us a long way from home and since it simply made sense since I have always seemed to have health problems as a kid.”


What would you tell your friends about your experience with SkyMed? “We are very excited and energetic to tell others about SkyMed. I once heard SkyMed Chairman Will Klein say, ‘SkyMed Takes You Home’, and he kept his promise. We are very pleased with SkyMed as they kept their word. We have a friend who has since become a SkyMed Representative.”


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